Bardela's groove is righteous! 

The first time they played together, they sensed a special connection. It wasn't long before they combined their names to become Bardela and started playing out - they were having so much fun, they just had to share it. 

Bardela is a force of nature, combining the talents of three dynamic northern Vermont musicians: 

   Jeff Barrows (BAR) takes good care of the bottom end of the Bardela sound with his melodic and strong bass line. 

   Vermont songbird Cooie DeFrancesco (DE) brings unforgettable vocal prowess along with rhythm guitar. 

   Arty LaVigne (LA) brings it all home with his robust vocals and lead guitar. 

Bardela's songs range from classic rock songs to country standards, Dead tunes, and original material, all played with that special Bardela groove. You’ll be energized by their solid vocals and multi-layered guitar sounds. The harmonies are dialed in to rock you to your core! Feel the beat, find your dancing shoes, have the time of your life! Experience the mighty Bardela vibe - and dance the night away! 

Bardela just released their first EP "Sky" with four delicious songs from the mountaintop, all written by Arty LaVigne. "Sky" is available on their website. 

Bardela is currently accepting bookings for 2017 and 2018.